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When it comes to beef, we know what our customers love, with a range of prime scotch and English beef cuts. The Quality Standard Mark for our beef helps you know that the meat is a high standard, while our years of butchery experience means each cut is just right.


A range of measures are undertaken to deliver a distinctive flavour and quality, whether you're choosing tender fillet steaks, rump, rib eye or full flavoured sirloin. If you're cooking more traditional recipes, we can provide diced skirt, shin or braising that's ideal in casseroles, stews or hotpots.

Roasting Joints

We source all of our beef from reputable suppliers, maintaining a high level of quality control throughout the entire process.This ensures our meat is a consistently high standard and allows us to prepare a wide range of joints and products, ranging from rib of beef on the bone to corner cut and topside.

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